USA – China tensions on Tariffs affecting shipments with an arrival date May 10th or later

USA – China tensions on Tariffs affecting shipments with an arrival date May 10th or later

USA – China tensions on Tariffs

While there is no “official” updates or news on the tariff front, we began experiencing entry summary rejections this afternoon for shipments with an arrival date of May 10 or later. We suspect this is because CBP preemptively expired the HTS numbers that are subject to Section 301 duties on May 10.

Remarkably, there has been no guidance from CBP referencing this HTS update. Moreover, our ABI Representatives at CBP are also in the dark and are equally anxious for messaging from headquarters, but confirmed that this is affecting all brokers nationwide. We will continue to prepare entries inside of our 24-hour service commitment, but please be aware of this potential delay for entries subject to Section 301 duties.

Thank you for your patience, we will continue to pass along information as it becomes available.

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