Connecting with the people, the nature and the world

Connecting with the people, the nature and the world

Some people may say that Logistics and Transportation is just about moving things from one point to another and organize everything with timing and schedule. This might be true, and somehow it is, however our Industry is involved in pretty much all other industries, every single person that buys something is buying something that involves a combination of different components and hence logistics has a very important roll in the developing of another industries, and an impact in the life of many people, cultures, places and in the world itself. Even a coffee bean needs to be picked, dried, processed, transported and then packaged, etc. Also the packaged material can be made somewhere else and the colorants of Printing on the package can be also provided by someone else. So in general our industry has been involved in the process of one product several times in the whole process. We really impact the world, and when I say we is everyone in the supply chain, from Farmers, Engineers, Business men, designers to Bankers, Police Officers, Architects, Doctors, Politicians, Governments and Agencies, etc. Everyone is involved somehow or affected directly or indirectly by the Logistics and transportation industry as part of the “Raw Material” of their industry (if We can call a Service as a Raw material).

So we touch many lives, in many places, not only the “transporters” : Truckers, Dispatchers, Pilots, Ship Captains, Port and Airport operators, Warehouse Men, Logistics coordinators, etc. But the lives and places where those cargos originate and go to. So we need to connect with the people in many different industries, cultures, nationalities and environments, sometimes even create relationships, friendships, synergy; We also impact directly and indirectly those places and development of the communities, because our tools ( Trucks, Airplanes, Ships, Airports, Ports, railways, roads, warehouses, etc) impact as well in the nature, so we need to be aware that we also have a big responsibility with the nature and the environment, we impact in pretty much everyone and everything in this world and we need to think how can we be proactive to acquire a bigger responsibility with the environment that let us continue helping in the developing of the world but having a conscious mind, improving our operations and also helping those communities we work with and hopefully the ones that don’t have the same possibilities in the most remote or forgotten areas.

Here at In Motion we try to give as well to help in the communities we impact or other communities and places where we think we can help to create opportunities, so we partner and contribute with organizations  that focus on the development of children, or the health care in remote places where  community health workers provide last mile health and medical attention where the closest doctors might be 100 miles of distance (eg: www.lastmilehealth.org); and investigation centers to create new and cleanest energies, packages, etc.

There are so many ways to help in our world and we believe that even just small little things can make the difference to have a better world and more human and nature kind.


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